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We supply all types of products related to resistance welding, especially consumables such as electrodes, electrode holders, arms, tools, jigs, machinery, etc.


We stock standard electrodes, either for welding guns or for spot welding machines.

  • Standard caps or according to automotive specifications.
  • Swivel Electrodes
  • Seam Welding



We supply all types of electrode holders for resistance welding, either straight or bent, in 2D or 3D.

They are manufactured on request according to customer drawings with all types of copper alloys.

They can be supplied mechanized and with their complements, such as water tubes.


We supply all types of arms for resistance welding guns.

The arms are manufactured according to our customer drawings.

They can be in 2D and 3D. The materials are also specified by our customers either from special copper or aluminum alloys.

From round bars and bent or cut from plates.

With copper, nickel coatings, etc.

They can be supplied with all their accessories ready for assembly, with their water tubes, plugs, etc.

Aluminum alloys

Copper alloys


We supply all types of electrical connections for resistance welding machinery and equipment such as:

  • Cables: Air/ Water cooled jumper cables or  kickless cables of different sizes. The terminals are also manufactured on request according to the drawing.
  • Shunts: we manufacture them on request and according to the customer standards.
  • Other types of rigid electrical connections, normally made of copper material and tailor made.


We supply welding guns approved by our customers.

Specifically, we are distributors of the DENGENSHA brand, but any other approved welding gun can be requested.

In the same way we supply all kinds of spare parts, electrical connectors and machined parts according to drawing.

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